Saturday, 2 January 2016

Happy New Year...2016!

Well it's been a while since my last blog post....but Happy New Year to anyone & everyone that may read my blog!

We saw 2016 in with a bang at Mojacar Pueblo..traditional cava & 12 grapes to gulp down at the fireworks afterwards...I took my own seedless grapes this year just so I could achieve what I've never been able to do in all the years we've been here, and that's swallow them all..and it worked!!!

It was a really lovely's to 2016..

On New Years Day we decided to catch our local Baraza bus to Vera. We often use our local Mojacar buses, but decided to venture further afield..partly to find out how they operate, where they go and how much the journey costs etc...

The Christmas decorations are still up...

Vera is pretty, and although quiet today, it can get busy on market day = Saturday's..

Obligatory coffee stops along the way are the norm!

The buses stopped running at 1pm so we had to walk back...quite a way but we took our time, walking along the beach for part of the way...

A treat....Paella and a cold bottle of crisp white wine..Mmmmmm went down a treat!

Walked that off by another walk along the shoreline..heading in the home direction!


Walked through Garrucha Fish Port & Marina on the way home...very pretty...

Once we arrived in Mojacar it transpired that the local buses were running that evening so we were lucky enough to catch a bus for the last part of the journey home!...I've never been so pleased to see a bus!

See you next time!......


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