Sunday, 29 March 2015

Easter Celebrations start now!...

It's Palm Sunday today and we especially wanted to see the donkey procession from the Mojacar Fuente up to the church..

The procession started at 11.00 (ish)... Well it is Spain you know!...and included the fabulous Mojacar Municipal marching band..

Once up at the church which is in the pueblo, the palms are blessed and the church service commences...

Jesus arrives on the donkey...

After we had witnessed this traditional event, we decided to drive to the next town of Turre, where yesterday they had inaugurated their new Fuente...

They had carried out some lovely renovations to a tired corner of the town, and the obligatory plaque and stone had been erected!..

We then decided to head for the hills in search of some orange blossom or lavender to place in some bowls in the apartment....

Not far from Turre is the Sierra Cabrera's an area full of fantastic little hamlets and wonderful views even though the roads are not perfect!

You're treated to little gems like these...the local goat herder who waved so enthusiastically when we stopped to take this photo..

There are plenty of these marble markers...just so you know you're heading in the right direction!..

Like I said, the roads are not great but with fantastic views like these it doesn't matter..

A cluster of derelict houses makes the mind work overtime..I always wonder who lived there back in the day..

Said lavender was duly spotted along the a few snips and in the Cath Kidston carrier they went...they're coming home with us..

Once down on level ground we stopped in Restaurante Cristobel in Sopalmo for a well earned drink..

Don't mind if I do too!

Great day so far and the weather is fantastic...warm & sunny...long may it continue!

Until next


Monday, 23 March 2015

That was the week that was....

Well that week went very sped by! Our best friends arrived last Saturday into Murcia airport for a weeks stay at the Oasis Tropical Hotel. After we picked them up from the airport...

...We decided to take them onto Aguilas to visit their Saturday market and also Decathlon. They were both impressed with both, and have vowed to visit the Decathlon store in Oxford, UK.

Once they had been checked in we went to lunch at the Delphin Dorado restaurant here in Mojacar, Menu del Dia for €10 each, excellent!

The next day, Sunday, we had arranged for John & Jerry to participate in a 60km bike ride around San Juan de Los Terreros..

Whilst they were pedalling away, Lin and I had a lovely walk along the paseo for a few kms admiring the view...upon our return to the car park the organisers had arranged a few stalls where we both picked up a few bargains!

Highlight of the day was getting Lin on a last!!!!! ( mind you she did look petrified!)

On Monday 3 of us participated in Aqua Zumba at their hotel pool...a first for all of us, and not as easy as you think!

We then drove to Carboneras for a nice walk in the afternoon, and took a look around the castle in the town centre...

The artefacts they have on display are quite spectacular..lots of wine jars that have been found at the bottom of the sea amongst the wrecks..

On the evening we decided to eat at the Imperial pizza Resturant...although I very seldom eat pizza or pasta when we go out to eat, I must admit that mine was the best pizza I've ever eaten...and the sweet was yummy too!

The following day we went to our normal Zumba class and Lin & Jerry decided to walk there to meet us...well..45 mins into the class I somehow sprained my knee which instantly came up like a balloon..

We struggled back to the apartment and that was me done for the day...I had ice packs on it, 2 elastic compression bandages were purchased and I rested up all day..

Wednesday was spent in a bit of a blur really, I was taking tablets all day and slept a lot. John took Lin & Jerry out for a and coffee at the commercial centre. Also the weather had taken a turn for the worse, and as it turned out the rest of the weeks weather was horrendous..

On the evening we went to the Laguna Bar and restaurant...

Due to the continuing bad weather we decided to take off to the Gran Plaza shopping centre in Roquetas de Mar on Thursday...I could hobble about and I'm never one to miss out on a bit of retail therapy!

On Friday morning we decided to head into Garrucha for Friday Churros and chocolate, plus a mooch around the market. Although it wasn't raining the weather still was quite overcast and dull, but it didn't dampen our spirits and a nice day was had..

On Friday evening we decided to take them to Miraflores restaurant for the obligatory Friday Fish & Chip meal which they loved!

We arranged to pick them up the next morning early to take them to Murcia airport so an early night was had by all..

Their flight was early in the morning, so after dropping them off we took the long route back and stopped at a beach for an impromptu picnic lunch... And would you believe it the sun decided to come out.....eventually..

Although the weather wasn't up to I gained an injury which slowed every up a was fantastic to see them and the week went by far too quickly..



Wednesday, 11 March 2015

This ones for Jerry!

Yesterday we decided to pay the BMW Motorrad Test Camp Almeria 2015 a visit... So after our 9.30 Zumba class we set off.

The Circuito de Almeria is located in Tabernas which is just over 80kms from Mojacar located on the N340a road. It's a very pleasant drive that takes you through pretty countryside with great views along the way.

We arrived just after 11.30ish and already everything was in full swing. There were just tons of large rigs all kitted out with the team colours, logos etc. obviously these large lorries house all the bikes and equipment etc..

In the garage areas that sit alongside the track are all the race bikes... Knowing absolutely zilch about bikes I just kept snapping away knowing that you Jerry would have loved to have been here soaking all this up!

Tons of them!...

We then walked outside to view and listen to the bikes as they shot by... OMG..the noise was unbelievable! The track is fantastic to look out on ground level plus from up on the rooftop terrace...from here you can see most of the track..

Here are the race tracks they attend...

Groups of riders were settig off periodically and all laps were being timed..

Once most of the morning sessions had ended and everyone was stopping for lunch we walked across the large car park area to the on site restaurant.

Thre were a variety of dishes to choose from but the huge Paella pan caught my eye!

That was probably one of the best Paellas' I've had in a very long time...delicious!

After our 'pit stop' we decided to head back to the car and came across these Eco bikes plugged in...

Suitably impressed with our morning so far we then decided to head toward Calar Alto Astronomical Observatory which John has wanted to visit for a long time. As we were half way there it made sense!

Just off the N340a you join the A339 until you see the AL8171 signposting the Observatory.. You then start climbing upwards...

Along the way are some very pretty little hamlet/villages..

There is absolutely nothing around here, so not a place I would like to live but very pretty none the less.

Onward we climbed and we were keeping our fingers crossed that we would see some snow...we were in the Sierra de Los Filabres after all!...

We found some...

It had nearly all disappeared so I couldn't resist leaving my 'mark'..

Once we had climed to the heady heights of 2168 metres at the summit the Observatories came into view..

It almost seemed lunar like...and the air was clear, crisp and quite chilly!

The Calar Alto Observatory is an astronomical observatory owned and operated jointly between Gemany and Spain. They do say due to its location and the dry atmosphere plus low numbers of cloudy nights, observations are good throughout the year.

Over the top of the mountain range and back down the other side we decided to head home...

Along the way we travelled past Seron which is famous for its hams, they are cured in the surrounding mountains..

Another hour or so and we were back down to sea level...

Now this is what we prefer!.....great day was had by all PLUS the sun shone all day...can't ask for more than that can you?

See you both Saturday! Xxx


Saturday, 7 March 2015

Just like buses....!

Just like wait for ages for one to come along and two turn up at the same time..!

I realised that I had also been up to tons of hooky business this week as well, so I thought I would give you a sneaky peak at what has been created over the past two weeks...

Firstly I stumbled across this lovely, colourful crochet V stitch market bag, so I decided to make my own version in bright rainbow colours...I used a 4mm hook and DK weight perle acrylic yarn that I bought from a local market here in Spain...

If you feel like making one yourself just Google 'bazaar cantasi - market bag a free pattern'... It's on website. Sorry I've not learned how to include a link yet on my blog.....I'll study how to do that soon!

Next I completed my last order request for a wedding that I have contributed a few items too, that we have been invited to in the UK in early May.. These are garlands for their top table...the theme is pastels and they've come out beautifully...

They are a combo of flowers, butterflies and hearts...

All are strung on twine which gives them a slight rustic feel to them...

I'm pleased with them...let's hope they are too!

I just scoured the Internet, Ravelry and Pinterest for freebie patterns and was not disappointed!... I just love the World Wide Web!....

Lastly I thought I would share with you some daffodil brooches that I am in the process of finishing....I plan to donate them to the local MACS (cancer) charity shop here in Mojacr for them to sell..

At the moment they are being blocked, I will then place a felt backing with a pin attached and package them onto card luggage tags with a ribbon attached.. I'll try and remember to snap some photos for you once they're finished..

The patterns I used are Lucy's daffodil pattern over at Attic24 and also the centre daffodil from a pattern I purchased from Etsy.

If you're interested it is by Luba Davies, and the link is and the pattern is called Daffodil in Granny Square.

I used a 3.5mm hook and yarn purchased from our local Chinese stores. It's a perle thread, 100% acrylic and comes in an abundance of shades..over 80 if I recall correctly

Hope you've enjoyed the extra hooky business!!!

Signing off....again... Xx